The Special Treatment

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T is for Treatment

At Special T we have always worried about the treatment! Our staff, our clients and the work. We treat everything with kid gloves here and really pride ourselves on the experience when dealing with Special T. Our reputation means nothing if we can’t back up what we set out to do so why not team up with us on your next project?

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We are quick

Found yourself with a project that’s (suddenly) due in three days? We understand. And we’re always here to help. Tight deadlines are daunting but they shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Whether you need 300 invites or three million mailouts, we’ve got your quick turnaround covered and the solutions to meet your needs.

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We care about the earth

Looking after the environment is an important part of who we are and what we do. We recycle our water, our chemicals and our paper. We use soy-based inks to print our offset work. We’ll even discuss quantities with you to make sure we don’t print more than you need. We create minimal waste, wherever possible, from start to finish.

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We love print

We believe print is more than just putting ink on paper, so whether it’s a handful of business cards or a once-in- a-lifetime brief, we approach every project the same way. It’s our passion and precision that helps us to deliver the exceptional printing results your project deserves.